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Originally Posted by BarryLee
Yes, you are correct to an extent and while I was no big fan of Mr. Romney I dare say if he had been elected he would not be pushing gun control as aggressively as Mr. Obama is.

While obviously we’ll never know Obama has always had a very strong anti-gun agenda based on his history. The NRA detailed extensively before the election what would happen if he were re-elected and many on this site accused them of fear mongering. Well, guess what? The NRA was correct.
I'm not disagreeing with anything you've said. My point is that even if people believed the NRA (many probably did), they may not have voted for Romney because he didn't show enough pro-gun support to outweigh other issues they may have been considering.

If Romney was a gung-ho pro-gun advocate, many probably would have overlooked some other issues to vote single-issue, but he wasn't. Nobody really knew what he thought about guns, he turned in the political breeze like a windsock. Someone may have said, "Well, Obama is probably going for gun control, but Romney hasn't said he won't either, so I'm going balance guns with the economy/health care/immigration/whatever."
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