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Were I in a position to raise my own livestock and live off butchering them along with hunting I would. I already grow my own vegetables (albeit I don't have enough land to produce enough to feed a family of 6 for the entire year so I still have to go to the grocery store) and I'm quite familiar with butchering animals (done rabbits, pigs, goats, cattle, chicken, duck and turkey along with game animals) so it wouldn't be a stretch for me.

The only problem is that I don't have the land and the funds necessary to start raising my own livestock - I'd want to raise some of each of the following, chicken, pigs, goats and chicken. That takes a lot of land that I don't have and it takes a lot of funds to start that I don't have.

So I go buy the majority of my meat and about 40% of my vegetables from the grocery store. I don't worry at all about how the animals were treated/killed before they reach the store because I believe that the majority of them are done in the way I've seen them done - which is humanely and cleanly.
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