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.357 not my favorite gun...

The SP-101 is not my favorite gun but my wife likes it...

"Understand, your 357 revolver has the hardest recoil of just about any handgun made for concealed carry. I had the 3" SP and quickly sold it once I discovered how ridiculous the muzzle flip was. Yours is even worse. The lightweight poly/alloy revolvers are darn near unshootable IMO."

Actually the SP-101 is all stainless but it does require a good grip.

Aside from using 38 Specials in it, you'll find any midsize semiauto to have about half the recoil of your SP. I'm not a big fan of 40 just because the recoil impulse is so abrupt, and prefer 9mm or 45 in a midsize gun.

It's not my favorite gun...really don't like it at all, but my wife likes it so the .38 spl option is there but not the best solution for me...In the .45 arena I am thinking about the Armscor Rock Island 1911A1 Compact Semi Auto Handgun .45 ACP 3.5" Barrel. At a little over 32oz. it is weighty which I am fine with...I'm thinking that between the weight and the recoil mechanism the felt recoil would be considerably less then the .357.

I once owned a H&K USP in .40 cal. It was when the gun was new the compact version wasn't even out yet. I NEVER SHOULD HAVE SOLD THAT was fantastic, but it was so long ago I really don't remember the recoil that well but it SHOT GREAT!!!

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