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The unfortunate truth is that a majority of the people are uninformed about guns in general. They have no wish, nor desire to be involved in the shooting sports. Nor do most of them own, or wish to own any firearm period. They will take what the VP and other politicos say at face value. While they do not trust them on many issues. They actualy believe it when the politicos say that stricter gun control measures will make people safer.

I hate that fact. I wish resonable people could educate the general public. The reality is that is not going to happen anytime in the forseeable future. The thing is when the media shows those standing up for gun rights they tend to show the sterotypical knuckle dragging, chest thumping, sabre rattling fanaticals to show how unreasonable the gun rights crowd are. Compleete with the name calling, and screaming and yelling. ( I hate the double standard when they show the liberals pet groups doing the same thing over some casue or other, and people will symathize with them.)

I am deaf so watching and listening to the from what I seem to gather ws the one way sided talk of people do not need more than so many rounds, and ceartian types of guns to defend themselves, or hunt, or target shoot.

All in all it was exactly what I expected. Total unadultarated hog wash.
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