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how to clean a 9130

ok mosins are normally not accurate, you could buy 50 and maybe 1 is normal, but there are a few very accurate ones, its just rare to find them.

anyway if this is a gun youve just got recently i recommend the following

1. put windex on whatever your using to clean down barrel, this will neutralize any corrosive ammo residue that remains

now i use a cleaning kit for my m1a the rods are strong and reach way past the barrel of the mosin now. using rod i put a white gun cleaning rag that is soaked in windex and ram it down the barrel a few times , let this set for 20 min(barrel snake works with this to)

after that i would take the bolt apart and gap the firing pin to proper size(not hard with tools that are provided with mosin)

after cleaning the bolt and greasing it, work on the barrel with bore cleaning kit, must keep jamming rags down it till its clean(rags come back white)
after this i would wait till barrel inside is dry

now to get the remaining cosmoline out i baked my rifle with a pan under it to catch the goo. anyway it takes a while but the stuff will leak out and then repeat cleaning steps above(you should always check pin size after a shoot)

if you have any questions or thoughts on what you are thinking of doing to this mosin feel free to drop in on my mosins project blog ill be happy to help you with thought, concerns, recommendations
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