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Thanks again for the sticky on this and for everyone's support. If you haven't seen the new trailer, it has been re-edited, again with the post-scoring or yours truly. It is a rare opportunity to bring my music production/composition skills to the cause.

I donated my time for the trailer, because I see the value and timeliness of this project, and I believe in the ability of the creative team to do it justice.

FYI, FrankenMauser, the film is not over budget. As I think Kris Koenig will clarify, the first Kickstarter drive was to get it started.

BTW, 175k is be a lot of money to you and me, but in the movie world, it's not even beer money. Editing alone is a time consuming, expensive, and critical part of the process, more than most could even imagine.

50 interviews in the can, with a who's who of the 2A activism world. Amazing. Excited to see this moving ahead.
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