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Does this forum not have a quote button or do I just need to post more before I'll see one????

"How is it even possible to be an officer and not be a gun guy or gun gal? Isn't that the first requirement of the job? Sorry, I find it believable but still astounding. Would be like an infantry soldier who doesn't know how to use firearm."

Why should a LEO be a gun person? They should be proficient in the use of whatever firearms they are issued. For most it's the sidearm and a shotgun. But in my 30 plus years in LE I saw officers who could make the minimum standards at the range but that was it and most did not work to improve their abilities. But on the same note, the vast majority of officers will go their entire career and never fire their weapon and they know it. But I wanted to be ready so I became an expert shot and I loved the tactical training. When I became the K9 trainer I added much more tactical training to our training to include more firearm training. I would like to see all officers become experts in firearms but it will never happen..
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