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.357, VS .45, .40 with regard to recoil,


I have been looking at purchsing either a .380, 9X17 Makarov or a 9mm for CCW.

I am looking at these calibres because I have a disease that makes shooting my .357 Ruger SP101 painful after about 25 rounds.

I am not a huge fan of the .380, MAK or even the 9mm, but not having the ability to shoot the .45 or the .40 I wonder if I could handle these rounds, preferably the .45 then the .40.

So I guess at the end of this my question is in your experience is the felt recoil of either the .45 and/or the .40 cal. less than my .357 snub nose revolver?

I should also state that I am NOT adverse to carrying a heavy gun, however I am still looking for a compact version.

I'm also thinking about getting into reloading...I have never done any reloading before ... but are any of these rounds easier or more difficult to reload?

Thank You!
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