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I don't see why some responders are questioning the value of having H.P. White Laboratories (or some other similar commercial ammo pressure-testing company) test handloads. The data is no different from what we see in the reloading manuals that we all use. Except, it is exactly what we are using, instead of a recipe with a bunch of component substitutions.

True, it isn't OUR gun's pressure, but OUR gun is supposed to be SAFE with whatever meets SAAMI pressure standards in a SAAMI-spec'ed test barrel.

So, using H.P. White for pressure testing our handloads should provide an even better measure of SAFETY than simply following a recipe with the same components, but different lot numbers. And, when there is NO recipe, then such testing makes real sense.

And, we already have our own equipment for testing performance (chronographs, targets, and ballistic gellatin).

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