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I have, but it's a lot like posting gun control suggestions on this site. No one is going to listen, and no one is going to change their minds.

Actually I think many of us would listen.

But not if they come here deceitfully.
Not if they come here ignorant and unwilling to listen and learn.

If you show up at my doorstep with a lie on your lips I'll send you packing because you only need lies to support deceitful actions.

Let one come here asking for help. Let one show up with an honest debate on whether the 2nd Amendment is still necessary to the protection of our freedom and demonstrating honest reasons why it is not.

I'll make the time to listen.

Anyone seen that happen ever?

EDITED: By the way ... Just why is it all servicemen swear an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States?

Is it because it really does need protecting?
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