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Polinese, I also have a 1943 No. 4 Mk I Lee Enfield. From your description, however, mine is in better shape. Pity that you are considering getting rid of yours. I took a couple deer with mine using the factory iron sights and she performed beautifully. I always enjoyed the idea that my rifle was used to kill both NAZIs and deer.
Sadly, most Germans were either servings their country as best they though was right, forced to serve and or had been brainwashed by the Regime and propaganda.

Most were not Nazis, just some poor schmuck dying for his country right or wrong.

It might not hurt to keep in mind the US put something like 110,000 of our own citizens of Japanese ancestry into so called Internment (I think were concentration Camps) in WWII who were never compensated for the property that was seized.

I can't say that I think any gun I own was used to kill someone adds to its luster, however necessary the killing may have been.
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