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Think that's what I saw

"Before S&W instituted the current model numbering system in 1957, the revolver that later became the Model 10 was known as the .38 Military & Police or M&P for short. This is your basic K frame .38Spl fixed-sight model, most commonly seen with a 4" standard "tapered" or "pencil" barrel, or a 4" heavy barrel. The standard barrel also came in 2", 5", and 6", and the heavy barrel in 2" or 3", although the 3" is rare."

A 4" tapered barrel and I believe it had a $400 price tag but not sure. All I saw were pretty rough looking from the outside. Didn't look at them too hard or handle then as my wife was waiting for me elsewhere and I was really looking for a small 22 for a friend whose wife has very small hands. Just after a few days I got to thinking about those old S&W's. Got to go back to that town to pick up my hearing aids, hi $ stuff, and will try to get a better look at what they have. So if it is a M&P what would be a good ball park price. I know it's hard without a pic but!
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