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Well I was not unhappy with my results last night using the RCBS Sidewinder, although I had "some" primer pockets that weren't totally clean ( the bulk of them were )... I was using 2.5 lbs of pins... the Sidewinder drum is ( I think ) large compared to some drums, so I tumbled for aprox 2 hours with "good" results... maybe 2.5 hours would be the ticket with the Sidewinder ??? maybe another 2.5 lbs of pins would make everything work in 2 hours ???

right now, depending on the source, the Tumler tumblers are anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months backordered...

if I can continue to get good results from the Sidewinder, I can live with that backorder time, if I need to, I wouldn't be afraid to buy a used Tumler, or other good quality, similar option
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