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Yes there is a chance. This has been changed from the original ban plan in that there is no requirement to register existing grandfathered guns and allowing the transfer and sale with the background checks. So if you have it you can keep it, and your investment is probably going to skyrocket.

This is what is insidious: we are suppose to feel relieved there won't be a confiscation, for now, and we won't have to register our "assault weapons" as NFA firearms, for now, but the costs to buy will rise and new production is essentially halted. This is essentially the '94 ban with no sunset and more inclusive of a whole lot more models. Please correct me if I am wrong.

This does nothing to prevent a school shooting, or addressing the underlying cause (ADHD drugs), and as soon as there is another tragedy there WILL be amendments to tighten the screws on the "previously legally owned firearm owner".

Keep the pressure on gents, this fight just got harder because it isn't quite as terrible, for now. Keep writing and calling your legislators.

This bill IS unconstitutional.
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