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Some people bad mouth lasers because they don't want to spend the money or are just set in their ways.

I got my first laser for an LCP because the sights were so bad. After I used it a few times the light went on. Now I have lasers on all my "business" guns. My range toys (1911) are without lasers.

Like someone else said when the time to use it comes it will be probably somewhere where light conditions make sight acquisition difficult. And those that argue with night sight are obviously night sights salesmen. A laser is the ultimate night sight, point and shoot.

While at the range one day a guy next to me was trying to teach a woman (not his wife) how to shoot at the 5 yard target and she was having a difficult time. I offered her my LCP with the laser, after 3 shots (right on target) she quickly said "That's the gun I want." This was in daylight.

Having said that I can't see the red dot in the bright Houston sun further than 10 yards, but if the sun is behind the clouds I can it it at 15 yards without any problems.

Regarding the comment about not trusting your life to anything that has batteries and circuits, I find that very funny. Do you use a car? About flying an airplane. Obviously you haven't thought this through. Think again...
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