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can't decide between these auto's input please

I am looking to purchase my first semi automatic and I can't decide between a few things. I have my hand gun carry permit in my state and have always just relied on a tacticle shotgun (12 gauge) for home defense. However, I had wanted to have my carry permit for a couple years now. So I went ahead and took the course and here I am.
I will be carrying the gun occasionally but not everyday. So I've been in a dillemma about what I like best. I know the best bet would be to go rent these guns and try them. I have however held everything I am going mention. I'm just wondering about the more experienced guys and their opinions on these guns and if you were going to have one for occasional range shooting, home defense, and a carry weapon which one.
I'm sorry if this has been beaten to death as I'm sure it has because these are all popular guns. anyway, that was just a little back information and a hello to everyone as I am a noob here.

Ruger SR-9 Glock 19 XD-9 S&W 9mm
I have also looked at XDS' S&W M&P

I am pretty much set on a 9mm, but if I fell in love with it I would consider a .40

I have held all these guns and the XD, Ruger, and Glock felt the best. Just want some ins and outs . even though I really liked the xds but I'm not sure I want something that small yet. Thanks in advance!
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