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OK, think I saw M&P on one of them, could it have been the model 10?
Before S&W instituted the current model numbering system in 1957, the revolver that later became the Model 10 was known as the .38 Military & Police or M&P for short. This is your basic K frame .38Spl fixed-sight model, most commonly seen with a 4" standard "tapered" or "pencil" barrel, or a 4" heavy barrel. The standard barrel also came in 2", 5", and 6", and the heavy barrel in 2" or 3", although the 3" is rare.
So beside the model 10 some other models that are OK?
The Model 64 is a M10 / .38M&P with stainless steel finish. The .357Mag equivalent of the M10 is the M13; for the M64, it's the M65. (A few .357Mag M10s and M64s were made, but these are very rare.) Almost all of the fixed-sight .357Mag K frames have 3" or 4" heavy barrels.

The common adjustable-sight .38Spl K frames are the M14 (Patridge front sight, usually 6" or 8-3/8"), M15 (ramp front sight, usually 2" or 4"), and the M67 (stainless M15, but almost exclusively 4", and see the note in my second post about the 2-piece barrel). The .357Mag models were basically similar but had shrouded ejector rods; these are the M19 (M14/M15 equal) and M66 (M67 equal, but commonly found in 2-1/2", 4", or 6").
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