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The simple #1 dictonary definition of "arms" is "an offensive weapon"

HK Flo: You obviously do not understand. The reason a beat up $50 Tommy gun is $15K? Because the supply is limitied. If the NFA was repealed and the arms covered by it were commonly available, the price would drop drastically. The cost is artificailly elevated becasue of the 1986 ban.

The whole NFA tax thing was to take something that was within the reach of the average man, out of his reach. The elitist's did not want the average man to have access to the tools to resist. $200 Tax was HUGE in 1934.

When I was in Vietnam we had two ship containers full of Tommy guns, still in the cosmoline. Brand new, never been unpacked. drum mags, 40 round banana mageverything... With government waste as it is, the NFA, and weathy collectors not wanting any comptition,,,,think what the Tommy gun market would have done if thos weapons had been sold openly to members of CMP program clubs?
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