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And don't be afraid or ashamed - to make up some note cards, or carry a little notebook with you ...on models, frame sizes, calibers, etc..../ engineering dash numbers within the models where the MIM parts start showing up ....etc....( none of us, or at least I can't, remember all this stuff - except the 5 or 6 models of S&W revolvers that I collect...)...the rest of it is just a blur, without some reference material...

how to check the timing.../ remember to check the forcing cone.../ carry a bore light with you ...all the little things...

its a big help - as you get into this side of the gun hobby --- especially when you're at gunshows....and guys say all kinds of stuff...that is only marginally true - or flat out just nonsense....( not that it isn't important on the semi-auto side of this hobby too )...

It'll help you pick up on a gun that's been " Bubba'd " by someone - and it just isn't quite right.../ or help you identify a really good deal !
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