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There are a lot of K frame S&W's out there .357 mag the model 19's ( either blued or nickel ) that are good solid guns.../ or the newer model 66's ( stainless ) ....both can be very good values...and they're commonly availalbe in 2 1/2", 4" and 6" barrels ....

I wouldn't be afraid of any of the model 19's or 66's ....but you have to know how to inspect and at least check the timing on a used revolver ( so check the sticky thread above in this section of the forum on checking a revolver)...

A lot of the model 19's were carried by a variety of law enforcement agencies ...back in the day / they may have a lot of holster wear ...but be in great mechanical condition / and not in a higher collector value price range because of the holster wear...( I see at least 8 or 10 of them every time I go to a big gunshow ) ...they seem to be almost everywhere...
In the bigger N frames ....there are also a lot of model 28's out there that were carried by LE Officers - have a lot of honest holster wear - and are still in solid shape ( .357 mag as well ) ...and they're really tough guns. ( the fancier model, is the model 27 - the plain one is the model 28 - so the model 27's demand a premium in the market / model 28's are generally more affordable). But the N frames are great guns...
so I would look for some of either one ....for a really good revolver...on a budget / shoot .38's in them to keep your ammo cost down a little.
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