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I must be missing something about this entire question the OP is asking.

Transfer bars, to my knowledge, were implemented to allow the safer carrying of a revolver with regards to a firing pin being near the primer and striking the hammer causing a AD.

Revolvers sort of have to have that full trigger reset in order to advance the cylinder. Now I am unsure of how your Taurus works, but none of my revolvers will fire again until I reset the trigger. And by fire, I mean ignite a fresh round.

As far as your semiautomatic question or statement, most striker fired pistols lack an external safety such as is found on the JMB style of guns. That is not to say that there are not passive safeties on the inside as a firing pin block, that must necessitate a full trigger pull.

If you dislike the "trigger-only" safety, how do you get around that same feature on your revolver?

Personally, I like the transfer bar on my revolvers. I also like my Glock and its trigger safety system.

I subscribe to the "don't put your booger hook on the bang switch" mode of safety when I handle a firearm.

Again, I am not fully understanding what information you seek as you are in two different places with two different types of weapons.
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