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joyrock If your not going to alaska Why not get a 10mm glock. The ruger alaskian take out hunting. There is nothing short of grizzly in the lower 48 that a handloaded 10mm can't handle with 180 or 200gr HC. You could get more rounds on a target quicker and do more damage than what a harder recoiling heavier revolver would do for a general woods gun. Add a 6" barrel for hunting and its still lighter , thinner and more rounds avalible before reloading than any revolver even with the compact model.

A handloaded 357 mag is more than capible to do the same in a lighter package. 170gr sp or 180 to 200gr hc will take on all but grizzly also. I have handloaded 170gr and 180gr at 1400fps+. Not a 44 mag or larger buy easier to haul around and can be had in a 8 shot revolver.

Maybe a 10mm or 357mag is not as cool as a 460 but maybe more practical for the needs.
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