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Glenfield Model 60 Stock repair and Rifle restoration

Hey Ya'll,
I posted a thread looking for parts for this Glenfield mod. 60. Well I bid on a few stocks on ebay only to be out bid. My thing is this. I'm not paying over 70 bucks for a used stock to go on a 100 dollar rifle and not only that a NEW stock is 75 bucks from Brownells. The rifle was given to me by a friend him and his wife had a nasty breakup and she took all his guns and beat them up against a tree and left them in the yard for a week or more, so I told him I wanted the 22. So anyway, I have some stuff laying around the shop and I decided to fix this broken stock. The stock was broke in two right at the grip area. But it was broke in such a way that the pieces fit back together like a puzzle . So I lightly sanded the mating surfaces and applied GORILLA glue and put the two halves back together. and taped it up with duct tape to hold it together until the glue set up. Well as you know gorilla glue is no joke and it expands as it cures to fill in the voids where the two broken pieces went together. I checked it this morning and it is STRONG. There are some places on the sides of the grip area that needed to be filled, and a place at the back of the receiver that needed to be built back up from where the squirrels chewed the stock when it was left in the yard (kinda ironic huh, since the stock has squirrels on it and a rifle that was intended for squirrel hunting ) So I used some wood filler / putty I had laying around its call Durhams water putty, you mix it with water to the consistency that you want. When this stuff cures its like its tough and like a rock like the company says. I'll then sand down the stock and shape it how I want. Then the entire stock will get sanded and painted a light brown or honey color. Then the barrel and mag tube will get sanded and either dura coated or I might cheap out and and find a good semi flat paint to use. Here are a few pics. I will update this as I go along. I think the stock will hold up, there is virtually no recoil in a .22lr of course and I care for my guns and don't beat them around. If it doesn't then I will buy a stock but thats a last resort. Sorry I forgot to take a pic when the stock was in two pieces. And why, yes I did do the putty work on the kitchen counter. I need hot water and SWMBO wasn't home

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