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Questions from the unexperienced. Stoeger 8000 ammo, etc.

I have never owned a handgun before. However, like an unquantifiable mass of other American's, I decided January was the time to change that. After (perhaps too much) deliberate research, i settled on the CZ 75B (9mm) as the right choice for me, only to be unable to find one. I therefore settled upon my back up, which was available locally to me. I now own a Stoeger Cougar 8000 which is safely locked away. For what it is worth, my understanding is this is a newer model, with the accessory rail.

Unfortunately, my schedule dictates that I will not be able to attend a class for a couple months. However, I did not want to miss an opportunity to find a suitable firearm. I will be taking classes required to safely handle and use this pistol, and will very likely get my CCW as well.

It occured to me I should probably look in to acquiring ammunition as well. For those who are experienced with this pistol, can you please provide suggestions on: 1) Inexpensive and generally available target ammunition that I would buy in quantity, 2) Home defense ammunition suitable for this gun which would be purchased in low quantity. If I am being frank, cost and ease/reliability of shooting are far more important than "performance" in both cases.

Finally, given that I have some time prior to taking advantage of a handgun safety class, is there anything else I should do in the interim? For example, I have viewed several videos demonstrating a field strip of the Cougar 8000. Is there any advantage to me doing this a few times prior to a course? I am not familiar with pistol cleaning, should I again simply wait before doing this for the first time? Although hard for me to quantify, it does seem the Stoeger has a fair amount of oil on it from the factory. I am not sure just how lubricated a pistol liek this should be, how diffucult the slide should be, etc.

Thanks for your understanding and for any assistance you can provide.
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