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Previous posts ignored. The gun is fine, but anything can be improved. I'm not looking for people to tell me what not to do. I am working on my accuracy and shooting, but when I start outshooting the gun, then it will go in a drawer if it can't go any further. What makes it so bad is the gun is almost dead on even if I get lazy, and stop using the 100% grip and avoid the sights. I'm looking for people who own the gun, and have found ways to improve or personalize it to their liking. As far as a low level 1911, I've seen guys outshoot colts with rock island arms. I'm fairly good with a pistol, even though I just got my first, its not the first I've ever shot. I've held and shot high end 1911s and they feel no different besides a little flashier, and little smoother. Any machine can be made to perform better, ever seen a vw beetle with a big block ford? I have and people laughed until it ran 9 second quarter mile with little wheelspin. Point is I'm asking for advice to improve on what's already acceptable to make it better than what it is.

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