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Not to mention that the revolver was developed originally for blackpowder .22 LONG (not Long Rifle) cartridges, and modern .22 ammunition, especially the high velocity ammo, can split the cylinder.
Exactly... and matters were NOT helped by (1) the cryptic and non-standard .22 S&W CTG. barrel rollmark- an artifact from a short-lived attempt to sell S&W-branded black powder .22 Long- and (2) the fact that .22LR ammo would readily chamber in the revolvers!
But... given that an OK example of a LadySmith can easily push into four figures, and a fine example, especially with the box, can approach five figures, I really doubt that too many people are going to be buying these for shooters.
Very true, although I HAVE seen a thread on the S&W forums where somebody fired one, albeit in single action using .22 Short CB caps.
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