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Carbon and copper fouling

Unclenick and Tobnpr - Thanks for your thoughts and after reading the article presented, I feel like the issue would be resolved if I try the products mentioned there.

The article, in fact was very enlightening and after researching the recommended products (Bore Tech Eliminator for copper fouling and Slip2000 for Carbon) the thing I come back to in my cleaning process was one particular patch.

It was after I had soaked the spot with Hoppes #9, the first patch I ran through came out with a greenish tint and my first thought was that it was from the bore brush. I now believe that the solvent had started working on a copper/carbon deposit.

So my intent is to purchase those copper and carbon cleaners as well as a 'Proof Positive Bore Jag' and go another round with her. I will post my results.

Thanks again!
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