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I'm planning on getting either a lower tier 1911 or Beretta 92fs for their toughness and accuracy.
DO NOT waste money on a low end 1911. They are fickle beasts and you really do get what you pay for in the 1911 world. I don't even really recommend them to novices because they are very different from most other pistols on the market in terms of maintenance and tinkering.

Any kp/p345 owners care to comment?
As I mentioned, I used to own one and while I did I looked into my options for improving it and there are not many. If the gun isn't accurate enough it's probably your shooting skill that needs improving. I've seen guy shoot impressive groups with them out of the box, most guns today are capable of delivering greater accuracy than the shooter's skills and the P345 is no exception. If you want you can head over to and search there and ask around but they'll tell you the same. (I hope that didn't come off as me trying to be rude, I didn't mean it to be.)
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