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As you sit about and look at your new toy....

I have a Pro 1000 and it does most everything I want it to do.

9MM and 45ACP, so that's 2 different lower plates. You stated "still waiting accessories". Is that the components or actual add ons? You can start the set up if it is only the components.

I have found the following things. Up is a complete motion to a solid and firm stop (sizing, belling, charging and seating the bullet). Down is the same (seating the primer and kicking the completed round). Another thing, don't spare the lub on the pivot points of the press and hit that twisted shaft in the middle of everything with some too, just not too much. Take your time and build a rhythm and keep your eyes open watching all of the consumables.

I'm OCD about several things. On bottle necked cases, I want to clean and trim after every sizing. So I size and deprime on a single stage press. Then it's off we go.

I have never been able to justify the RollsRoyce and do fine with the Pro 1000.

Enjoy your new toy.

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