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Unfortunately, the one I saw for sale was sold while I was typing the original post. I am not going to pay the rediculus price that some people are trying to charge. It seems that the honest people are still selling it for between $950.00 and $1,050.00. I will keep watching for that. Ideally, I could find someone who would be willing to trade although that particular model doesn't seem to be re-sold much. I will keep looking.
I'm not sure you'll find someone willing to do a straight up trade, the SIG is prob worth more. When I traded in my P30 at my LGS I got $675 or something for it? That might give you an idea of what you could get. Best bet is to find a store that does trades, or maybe even consignment, and see if they can order one for you. Probably right now is almost nothing is in stock, so you'll likely be waiting a bit.
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