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In some states, the posting has force of law - do not suggest breaking the local laws.

They have the right to post their property and if I am in the mood to abide by their rules, I will and if I am not, I will move on. It is not really a big deal to me as there are plenty of places that I go that will not allow me to carry.
I would hope that everyone that choose's to 'move on' from a place of business posting a "no gun" sign to do business with a place not posting a sign, takes the time to stop in the place with the sign to politely inform the owner/manager of your reason for doing business elsewhere.

You may not think this has an impact but it does. Especially in our current economic times when every sale counts. I've seen "no gun" signs in business's come down in our area for this reason alone. But if we do not take the time to inform "said" business owner/manager of the reason we aren't doing business with them, they don't know they've lost our business.
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