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"Our family Pawn Shop has both used and new guns... one of the biggest gun shops in/around Dallas.
The above poster is correct in saying Pawn shops are usually willing to haggle a bit on the used guns. Any price you see on a used gun in a pawn shop is roughly twice the amount they paid for it if they bought it outright... and if they gave a loan on it and the person never picked it up, the shop may have a small fraction of the price invested in it. "

In most cases my local gun/pawn employee will tell me if it's a purchase or came out of pawn. And I do haggle on the prices, sometimes they give me a fair price sometimes not, most of the time they do. If not I walk and keep checking back. If the item sits on the shelf a few months then I go back and make them the previous offer and usually they take it.

One of the things I have been trying to do is figure out their coding system on their price tags so I know how much they have in the item and how long it's been there, this one shop has me baffled.
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