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Shooting technique question

Hello everyone. I have a question on pistol shooting technique.

When I watch others who have been shooting for a long time I notice that they know how to keep their pistols fairly level for follow up shots. I see that it appears that the only movement is the pistol and hands going up at the wrist.

I have been shooting for only a few years and I feel like arms are going up with the recoil and the pistol is at about a 45 degree angle from level. I have not had myself video taped while shooting so maybe it is my perception or is actually what is happening.

I have tried to not grip as tight and relax my wrists more but I am not sure this is the correct way of doing it.

I am hoping that someone may have more insight on what I need to concentrate on and be able to explain it to me.

I do understand that practice, practice, practice is what I need to do but practice what is my question.

I appreciate any answers. I find this happens with shooting both revolvers and semi-autos. The calibers I shoot go from .22 to .45
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