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They look like a Tacticool version of a Crossbreed type holster. Seems to use a nylon backing instead of leather. I'd personally prefer leather, especially for something that is going to be against my body all day. I use a Crossbreed-like hybrid holster called a Black Mamba from Concealment Solutions. They use higher quality leather and hardware than Crossbreed for about the same price, and about $40 cheaper than this Stealthgear.

From where I'm standing, this is a company that's trying to capitalize on the tacticool craze by making a tactical looking IWB holster. Since the purpose of this type of holster is to hide a gun, I just don't see the benefit over other, probably higher quality (leather backing > nylon backing), similarly styled holsters that cost about 40% less.

But if it works for you...
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