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I have a Pietta 1862 New York Metropolitan Police. Same thing as Pietta's 1862 Army Police with the exception of a nickle plated brass backstrap and trigger guard. Don't know why Pietta chose the goofy names for these pistols as they of navy caliber (.36) ,not a 5 shot pocket pistol, and have the shorter Navy grip. What they are is basicaly a 5 1/2 in barrel or so called sherriff model 1861 Navy with half flutted cylinder. I purchased a 7 1/2 inch Pietta 1851 barrel and loading lever from Taylors and Company for and it works like a champ. Currently have both barrels sent to a gunsmith to have a taller dovetailed brass front sight installed. Something kinda cool about these pistols is they are 4 screw models cut for a shoulder stock. Not sure if the Pietta 1860 Army stock will fit properly due to the shorter grip and so called Pietta tail. I know another fella who successfuly mounted the Pietta stock to a 4 screw Uberti 1861 Navy (although bunch of threads were exposed when the heel hook was tightened) Recently aquired a Pietta 1860 Army and the wife has given me the go ahead to get a shoulder stock for it sos I will have see how it fits on the Pietta 62 and let you know.

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