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Get a Lyman 49th reloading book and read it carefully. And a few other reloading books to read are in order too. The books will tell you how the reloading is done and what equipment you need. And ask us questions if you have them on down the road. The Lyman book will give you powder suggestions for the bullets listed, and will show the primers used. I think Winchester still offers the cases.

Go at this reloading biz slowly and carefully. It isn't rocket science, but don't cut any corners. You can get hurt. Wear safety glasses.

In theory this is a way to save money on ammo, but....the money you save goes to more gear and more components. I've been doing this for 30ish years and I'm not sure if I have saved any money at all. I doubt it. I have a lot of gear though. And I have a lot of fun.
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