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Originally Posted by 603Country View Post
allaroundhunter, it's a war isn't it. Darn pigs. I would let folks hunt my back pastures, but I worry about liability and associated things.

I've been thinking about a night vision type scope, but I don't have an AR type rifle, so how would I attach/detach the scope. I guess I'd just have to dedicate one rifle to the night scope and leave it like that. I do have an 'extra'. Hmmm.
The last time we let someone hunt on our land a calf was shot and killed.... That person ruined the opportunity for everyone else pretty much.

And you don't need an AR to use a night scope. They have the same mount type as your usual scope rings, the base is just usually but into the optic. My night scope usually stays on my bolt action .243, but after seeing 15 pigs in one game cam pic I opted for more firepower

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