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Originally Posted by jd3020
Thanks guys for all the help. I guess the first step is to get in contact with my city and sit down and have a talk with them. Luckly my city is only about 4000 people so hopefully they will be willing to make it happen for me. Until i hear more thanks again and i will report back when i have some news.
Sir, you either have a very wrong attitude going into this, or you just don't understand how zoning laws work.

Since you have apparently spoken with someone about what zoning allows in your municipality, we'll assume that there are zoning regulations. Those are regulations, formally enacted and adopted by the governing body of the municipality pursuant to state law. They are in writing, and usually printed up in a book that anyone can buy a copy of for a couple of bucks. Most municipalities around the U.S. now also have their zoning regulations available on-line.

Those regulations say what they say. If they say you cannot operate a retail business out of your home in a residential zone, then that's the regulation. You can't operate a retail operation out of your home. Selling guns is a retail operation, even if a small-scale retail operation. Your municipality most likely has an official appointed as the Zoning Enforcement Officer. It is not his/her job to "make it happen" for you. His/her job is to enforce the regulations. He/she has NO authority to grant or allow anything that is contrary to the regulations. Period.

By all means, go in and discuss what you want to do in person with the zoning official, and ask to see what the regulations say. If the regulations don't allow what you want to do, then quit trying to push the river. No good will come of it.
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