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Personally I would be choosier about the platform than I would the cartridge. First find one you like that just feels right. I love the Single action Rugers unfortunately for whatever reason I can't shoot them worth a dang. The double action Redhawk I can shoot great. Find a model, style, barrell length that speaks to you then pick a caliber, .41 Mag to .454 that is personal choice. I loved my old Ruger RH foolishly sold it. I would buy a 5.5 Stainless Redhawk in .44 Mag, but I reload and already have the dies and still some bullets so I am a little biased. Easy to load cast plunkers or load us some LBT WFN's or even Hornady XTP's. For me its a great balance between portability and power. But each of the rounds has it good points and less good points from ammo availability, to cost of ammo, power, increased recoil, etc.
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