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Compared to a .22 magnum the recoil is not light on a .30-30
True. Some 30/30's due to stock design and light weight of the gun will kick harder than a 30-06 bolt gun that has a straighter stock and more weight.

I would suggest going with a brand that has a better reputation than simmons
I disagree.

I've got a 3x9 Simmons that been working just fine on my .270 WIN for 30+ years and thousands of rounds. Nothing wrong with them. The scope I have can be found on e-bay for less than 50 bucks.

drop the price back by going to fixed 4x. 30/30 is a fantastic brush gun easily capable of killing a whitetail out to 200yds. 4x works well within those parameters.
I agree with this.

There is no need to put a large magnification scope on a gun that will not be used at ranges requiring that. No upside, and it has the downside of messing up the fast handling qualities of the 30/30 levergun, and restricting the shooters peripheral vision.

We put a 2X Burris pistol scope on my daughter's Marlin 30A, on an XS scout mount. She killed 2 deer with it (on consecutive days in the same field) last November. Seems to work pretty well.
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