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I've been slow to respond. My computer went down. A couple of answers. The P30 can have a SRT installed. There are several people who do this. Gray Guns is pretty big. Mine was done by Bill Springfield. He does great work and is pretty fast and reasonable. With the SRT the trigger it is pretty similar to the Sig SRT. I just find that since they shoot similar to me I end up using the P30 and the P30L stays at home. Still, it is a great gun. Since they are mostly duplicates (IMO) I think I could part with one. Also, I keep wanting the Sig. Although there are plenty of Sig P226's to pick from I keep coming back to the MK25.

Unfortunately, the one I saw for sale was sold while I was typing the original post. I am not going to pay the rediculus price that some people are trying to charge. It seems that the honest people are still selling it for between $950.00 and $1,050.00. I will keep watching for that. Ideally, I could find someone who would be willing to trade although that particular model doesn't seem to be re-sold much. I will keep looking.
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