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We're you encouraged to preform the,
I spent most of my military time up in the air or looking at aerial photos for camoflage (late 60's, early 70's). Conversely, I have a real challenge spotting animals when hunting. If they're not silloueted or moving, I have a real tough time spotting them.
Because of your condition like the old timer in the New Paper arctical?
My first Red Head duck I bagged years ago was mounted by a local guy that did taxidermy. When I got it back I had to return it to him as the bill was all black.
When I got it back again it was still wrong and then learned he is Color Blind.
I remember the puzzled look on his face when I tried to explain that the bill color was all wrong.
I had the duck suspended from the ceiling for years and when it got knocked down when we were removing the front door one time old neighbor that thought it was his fault was sure I was going to be upset and was shocked when I thanked him, it was time to put that misfit duck to rest.
He specializes in Deer heads and other furry critters mostly.
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