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Originally Posted by Rmart30 View Post
letting a hog walk to me is almost as bad as a deer hunter letting a coyote walk.
Hogs will eat every acorn they can find and clean out under a oak tree until everything is gone leaving nothing for a deer ... Ever heard the phrase "eatin like a pig" ?
Coyotes eat the deer and fawns... How many fawns or deer ya think a coyote can eat in a year?

If you see a sow pig and let it walk by the same time next year she has dropped 5 -10 more.

Kill em all.
Over Christmas break I mounted the night scope on my AR and went to work. Over the course of 4 nights I killed 7 pigs and one coyote (the coyote was going after a calf).

A week ago, a coyote killed my dog in our own back yard. Now a vendetta against both species has been launched...

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