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Got it!!!!

So, I thought some more about this problem, and put on my "workbench/mechanic" hat. I had a rod with a threaded screw on the bottom. AKA a bullet puller.

I put my gun on the floor, standing up, next to my workbench, wrapped the barrel in some cloth, and secured it with a vise. Then using two hands, pushing down on the rod and turning with the other hand, I got the "bullet puller" to start onto the bullet. Then I just pulled it out.

If that hadn't of worked, I would have put the ramrod into a cordless screwdriver and then pushed with both hands.

I felt silly, because I wasn't thinking mechanically. Just as a newbie MZL-nut.

So, it also turned out that I had only put one pellet in , and it was NOT black side down!!!! DUH!

So, now i'm good. But thanks for all of the ideas... I will use them in the future, I'm sure.


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