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To me, statistics are for Statists. What difference does it make what happened to "the average guy" someplace else sometime in the past? I'm concerned with me and mine, in the here and now, and our futures.

It is irrelavent to me, personally, what the murder rate, or violent crime rate, or infant mortality rate is for Brittain, Australia, Mexico, Botswana, or whatever: I have been endowed by my Creator with the right to defend myself, and using the likelyhood of having to do so, either arguing for or against is stupid: it is my inalienable right, and not up for debate.

To put it in terms that the folks that do not understand that they have a right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness might understand:

I'll bet the victims of the narco-terrorists wished they had the right to have a gun on them when the gangs showed up to kidnap, torture and kill them. 'I ain't going out like that.'
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