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The Supreme Court has ruled on the meaning of the 2nd Amendment. In their words: “The traditional militia was formed from a pool of men bringing arms ‘in common use at the time’ for lawful purposes like self-defense. In the colonial and revolutionary war era, weapons used by militiamen and weapons used in defense of person and home were one and the same.”

“The purpose of the Second Amendment is to secure a well-armed militia. But a militia would be useless unless the citizens were enabled to exercise themselves in the use of warlike weapons.”

Note that citizens were expected to keep and bear the same types of weapons as a professional army they would be called upon to fight. That principle was integral to the 2nd Amendment. It hasn’t changed.

These days, guns “in common use” are overwhelmingly rifles and handguns that accept magazines holding 15 to 30 rounds of ammunition. Not only would banning such firearms be a flagrant violation of the Constitution, but such a law would be unenforceable. There are tens of millions of legally owned high-capacity weapons in this country and hundreds of millions of magazines. Even if people were willing to register their guns (good luck with that!), magazines have no serial numbers. How could you find them all? Could the cops get warrants for door-to-door searches?
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