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I can't really say if the barrel is "all that", but from a recoil perspective I don't notice much difference between the .40 Berretta and the 9mm XdM. To me the biggest upside is how it feels in hand. It's a much more comfortable grip than the Sprinfields I have, not that they are bad, it's just the Berretta almost feels custom made for my hand.

The DA first shot seems a bit long, maybe just a tad stiff, but it's very smooth with no "gritty" feel to it. Follow up SA shots are short and crisp. Breakdown is similar to a glock, but for some reason a lot easier to pull off.

Plus it's purdy.... . I got the full size Inox version and bought it used out of my favorite LGS. As far as I could tell I don't think it had ever had a round through it and I picked it up complete as from the factory for $400. Figured that was a decent enough deal, pre-Madness of course.

I'd do it again, for whatever that's worth.
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