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may not have been the "correct" thing to do, but I put some spray adhesive on both wheel portions of the drum, & it seemed to work fine for a normal load of 45 Auto rim brass ( 125 of the Auto rim ) one squirt of Dawn soap, & one scoop of Citric acid ( I should have paid attention to the size maybe a 1.5 cc Lee dipper ) the cases I put in, were from a "lot" I bought here, that the guy was hoping to sell, before he had to scrap them... most were unfired, but about 125 of them looked like they'd been reloaded several times without cleaning... they all came out looking like new cases, except for a little crud left in the primer pockets... ( I'm sure that would have come out a lot better, if I'd have given them another 1/2 to an hour longer... as it is, they were tumbling for around 2 hours...

so... the RCBS tumbler is working with the stainless pins, but I'd still like a 2nd tumbler... since I got the info on the STM site, that has given me a better idea of what to look for on E-bay for used tumblers
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