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Big hands

My MDC (most days carry) is a CZ-75BD in 9mm. When I got my first IWB holster for it (Galco Scout) I found that it worked ok if I wasn't going to sit or move or anything. I put it aside, and would often carry it in a pancake style holster from Barsony leather- good holster, and actually concealed very well for OWB. I just got an Old Faithful IWB holster for the CZ, and it makes a world of difference. I had it on the other day, with under 1 hours wear in it, and was able to get around walmart and one of my LGS's with no discomfort and little to no print- and that was with 2 spare mags on my belt. I like the CZ because it is extremely slim at the barrel, making it easy to conceal. For bigger hands, I reccomend the CZ factory rubber grips- they add some width to the already perfect grip, and would probably work well for you.
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