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H&K P2000SK 9mm weight

I was checking out the H&K website, because I'm in the market for an H&K pistol, and I saw something that to me doesn't make sense....thought it might just be a print error....
For the P2000SK it says the 9mm version weighs 1.62 lbs, and the .40 and .357 versions weigh 1.49 lbs.....see my copy and paste from the website, below:
Would the 9mm really weigh more for some reason? Yes, it's a negligible amount, but nevertheless I'm curious about it. If that's true, then the SK version in 9mm weighs MORE than the standard 9mm version of the P2000, which def doesn't seem right.

9 mm x 19 6.41 in. 3.26 in. 1.62 lb
.40 S & W 6.41 in. 3.26 in. 1.49 lb
.357 SIG 6.41 in. 3.26 in. 1.49 lb
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